How Long It Takes to Recover from Eyelids Surgery

East Asian Women are typically known by having no eyelids. This means their eyes look smaller. However, as time goes by, many of them who underwent eyelid surgery to get more rounded and bigger eyes like a typical Western woman. Besides, some are questioning about eyelid surgery recovery time whether it is quick or long. Well, if you are in taking consideration to get eyelid surgery, recovery time might be something important that you have to know. Hence, it would be good to know before making a decision when you are ready for it.

Recommendation Recovery Time for Eyelids Surgery

Most of you may know that eyelid surgery is very popular nowadays. Women can have beautiful eyes as they have been dreaming of. In addition, many plastic surgery clinics are available to make it happen. However, if you like to have this, you should know the eyelid surgery recovery time for time management for your reference.

  • Those who wear contact lenses; you are not allowed to wear them for minimum one week after the surgery. It is much recommended to wear it once the post-surgery pain is totally gone.
  • You are not allowed to get in contact with PC screens. This causes your eyes dry when you read or even stare at the screen in a long time.
  • After having surgery, you may feel the pain and also swelling. This will last at least for one week until you feel okay. In addition, you are suggested to wear sunglasses to prevent your eyes until they are well recovered.

Overall, it takes about two weeks to get a good eyelid surgery recovery time. If you plan to get this kind of surgery, it is good for you to select the date in which you can have a long holiday. It really helps you to recover your eyes in good and correct treatment as it should be.